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Holes in the Woods

John c.  Starinovich. Functional  wood sculptor. 
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john likes to find weathered tree holes as the decay process provides character. freshly cut tree holes are placed in a trash bag and kept moist for several months. this speeds up the decay process which creates spalting and allows the bark to be removed without damaging the cambium layer of the wood. the wood is seasoned in the shop for several more months before work begins. ​all pieces are sealed in lacquer.  all colors are the natural wood. no stain is used. the mirrored tree holes are intended to be hung indoors. all PIECES are signed and dated.  THEY ARE ENHANCED WITH CARVINGS FROM DEER ANTLER, GREEN SPALTED WOOD, COCABOLO, SHELL, PAINTING AND METAL SUCH AS BRASS AND SILVER. . mINERALS SUCH AS AMETHYST, KYANITE AND HERKIMER DIAMOND ARE IN SOME MIRRORS.  HE USES COMMON WOODWORKING TOOLS, DREMELS, FORDOM FLEX SHAFT AND FLAPWHEELS. TO SEE SOME OF THE PROCESS IN PICTURES PLEASE CLICK ON THE FIRST THUMBNAIL IN THE  SLIDESHOW BELOW.